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Tour Atlanta’s Beltline

November 26, 2008

This past Saturday, Carol and I hosted a group of friends and clients on a tour of Atlanta’s Beltline.  Every Friday and Saturday, Beltline Inc. provides a free bus tour of the Beltline.  Heather, an associate with Beltline Inc is an amazing source of information about the tour and the City of Atlanta.  Here are some key attributes of the Beltline (taken from tour handout):

*A 22 mile loop of transit that will create 1,300 acres of new green space, 33 miles of trails, 30,000 new jobs in 20 economic development areas. 

*It will be Atlanta’s largest single investment in affordable workforce housing (also an investment in transportation, pedestrian access and streetscapes, public art, historic preservation and environmental clean-up)

*It will touch and connect 45 neighborhoods

This project is long-term and is projected to be complete in 2025.  That is a long time away but the project is already funded half way, and they expect a good deal of it to be in use around 2015.  Today you can already see trails that have been developed and speaking of development, there is plenty of it going on around key areas along the beltline. 

A big attraction on the beltline will be the Westside Reservoir Park.  This is the old Bellwood Quarry which is west of Buckhead, really west of the most western portion of Buckhead.  How about this, west of Adams Crossing and DuPont Commons?  This park will be the City’s largest park and the reservoir will be a main attraction as well as a BIG resource for the city.  The reservoir will hold 2 billion gallons of water which will serve as a backup to our city’s water supply in case of an emergency.  It will provide a 30 day supply of water compared to our current 8 day backup. 

Carol and I plan to put together another group for the tour in the Spring.  If you are interested in joining us, please shoot me an email and I will put you on our list.  Otherwise, visit and schedule a date to tour it yourself. 

Comments about the Beltline?  Please leave them here, I would love to know everyone’s thoughts as it moves forward.



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