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Atlanta Streetcar Submitted for Obama’s Economic Stimulus Package

January 27, 2009

Carol received this great email below from the Peachtree Corridor Partnership.  They are submitting the Atlanta Streetcar project to be included in Obama’s economic stimulus plan.  Read below for all of the details.



As part of a funding request focused on transit, road and sidewalk improvements and green energy projects, the City of Atlanta included the Peachtree Corridor Streetcar system to be considered for President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package. Projects with the highest chance of being included in the package are projects that can be started within three months and completed within two years, according to federal officials.

Thanks to the work already conducted over the last few years by the City through its Connect Atlanta plan and by the Peachtree Corridor Partnership, the Downtown-Midtown routes of the Peachtree Corridor system fit the bill.

“The Downtown circulatory loop between the King Center and Centennial Park and the Downtown-Midtown route have been reviewed and modified and cost estimates were updated within the last year,” said Heather Alhadeff, Assistant Director in the City’s Transportation Planning Department. “Construction would take place in the existing street right-of-way where noise and environmental impacts will not be increased, allowing it to meet the stimulus package’s timeline criteria.”

With economic and environmental benefits, the Peachtree Streetcar is a good fit for the stimulus package that is being nicknamed the “Green New Deal.” At a cost of $121,000,000, the proposed Streetcar system for Downtown and Midtown will create more than 1,000 green jobs.

“The Peachtree Streetcar is a critical solution to creating a green, sustainable city,” said Mandy Schmitt, Atlanta’s Director of Sustainability. “It will make trading off the car for walking and cycling a viable solution for Atlanta’s residents and commuters.”

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