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Letter From Sam Massell Regarding Buckhead Traffic

February 17, 2009

Below is an email from Sam Massell discussing Buckhead’s longtime traffic congestion problems and the only solution he sees as a viable one. If you have complained about it before, make sure you are at this meeting February 26th. All of the details are below.

It is pretty well conceded that the one major Buckhead problem that has very limited solution options is traffic congestion. It’s unlikely any new roads would be suggested; the very costly idea of a tunnel has no authoritative support; the streetcar promotion has exhausted Buckhead.
One proposal which is universally agreed would reduce traffic on such major arteries as Piedmont and Lenox Roads, is the projected ramp connecting GA-400 south to I-85 north (and vice-versa). This was in the original plans for the 1989 agreement to extend GA-400 through Buckhead, but left out of final construction for financial reasons. The Georgia Department of Transportation still owns part of the right-of-way obtained for this purpose.

GA DOT has now scheduled a “Public Information Open House” on this subject at St. Phillips Cathedral (2744 Peachtree) for Thursday, February 26th, from 4 – 7pm. Everyone who has ever seriously complained about Buckhead traffic needs to attend this meeting!

Please share this information with members of your civic and service clubs, your neighborhood associations, your church congregations, your fellow workers, your family and friends. Let’s convince them this should be a top priority for this community’s quality of life!

Sam Massell
Buckhead Coalition, Inc
Tower Place, Building 100
Suite 560
3340 Peachtree Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30326-1059

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  1. Pat Heys permalink
    June 5, 2010 5:36 pm

    I am aware that you sometimes frequent the Buckhead area for various reasons including shopping at Lenox Square. I want to bring your attention to a “traffic trap” at the end of the Buckhead loop as the road intersects Piedmont Road. As a driver goes east there is a right turn lane that is a trap for many an innocent moving vehicle. If a driver gets in the lane as is a natural thing to do for turning right, the driver is trapped. A diminuitive sign notes that the lane is a private drive yet the lane flows into Piedmont Road without any obstacles; therefore, many a driver is ticketed for moving into the lane as it was with myself today.
    I have used the Buckhead loop many, many times and have disciplined myself and often spoken to my husband about not getting into the lane because it is a trap and the city of Atlanta traffic officers ticket people multiple times over and over for such a natural driving habit and maneuver…to move to the right hand land if one is turning right. City records will show a tremendously high number of tickets given at this intersection for a right turn. Something needs to be done to address the trap. One constructive suggestion would be to have more visible writing ont he pavement as well as clear obstacles so that the lane does not move easily into Piedmont Road if it is noted as a private entrance.
    On a personal note, today I was returning from a long trip from Brunswick, GA and after driving such a distance, I totally forgot about not getting in the right lane as I exited Ga 400 toward Piedmont Rd. This situation is an unnaturally closed off lane to public traffic although it appears to be a public lane. As I travel throughout Ga and the city of Atlanta, I have not experienced a private company with such access to public roads; therefore, who has the right of way……the private company? This location needs someones attention to rectify the situation. Of course, I received a traffic ticket today although I explained to the officer that I realized once I was in the lane, I was in the wrong place. As I travel that area many times, I have cautioned my husband as the driver over and over, do not get in the right lane…….now how odd is that when one needs to make a right turn! If you can assist me with citation number 3923366, I would appreciate it. As a school teacher in Fulton County, you are aware of the salary situation and what a financial strain we are all under. I apologized to the police officer and shared my total awareness of the policy regarding the lane and that I felt trapped once I had moved into the land to continue to move forward. I was caught in the lane with no where to go once I realized the location of my car. Please address this traffic trap! How can a state traffic law be appliced to a private driveway when the driveway begins and ends on public means of transportation byways. Thank you, Pat Heys

  2. June 5, 2010 6:28 pm

    Pat, I will forward your message on to someone I know at the Buckhead Coalition and get their thoughts on the lane. I know exactly what you are talking about and always make a point to avoid it because I see cars getting pulled over there all the time. Carson.

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