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Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor

February 21, 2009


Today Rod MacKenzie came over to my house and installed an Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor.  Rod is president of Green Building Resources providing “Products for Greener Homes”.  First he installed the monitor in my electric panel which took about 4 minutes.  Within 10 seconds the wireless monitor was showing my energy consumption, my green house gas emissions & our operating cost per hour.  After cutting off all of the lights, tv’s, computers & when the furnace was not running, our house rests at .479 kilowatts per hour.  Right now we are in the kitchen eating lunch, Martha and I are both on our laptops which are plugged in and we have two lights on…Our consumption now is .487 kw/hr.  Now when Martha ran out to Starbucks she opened the garage door, our consumption tripled to 1.3 kw/hr.  The furnace has about the same effect.  Turning on our living room television added about .1 kw/hr.  This thing is too cool for school.  Rod said in 30 days they have reduced their home’s energy costs by 15%.  That’s a big deal and here’s how he is doing it.  He for instance knows that his house rests at .571 kw/hr.  Before they leave the house to go out they first check to make sure that there house is resting.  If it’s more than .571 kw/hr, they know they have left something running that shouldn’t be.  After doing a quick walkthru of the house, you will typically find a light or tv that was left on.  It’s that easy to reduce your costs.  I can’t think of a good reason why everyone would not want one of these in their homes.  As I get to know this new tool I will continue updating on this blog.  If you are interested in learning more about the Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor, contact Rod MacKenzie.  I will put his info below.

Rod MacKenzie – Green Building Resources – 404-274-4613 –

If you have something similar to this, please tell me about it in the comments below.  I think this is a great tool at a very reasonable cost.


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