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Marketing & Selling Green Homes in Atlanta

February 26, 2009

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the EPA’s Southeastern Lifecycle Construction Conference.  My topic was “will green homes sell in a slumping market”?  The answer…Yes they will.  A lot of what I talked about was how Carol and I market green homes and how to approach the consumer when making choices.  I also spoke about working with a builder to make sure that the focus of their efforts line up with what is important to the consumer.  Studies show that one of the most important considerations in buying a new home is the health of their family.  Another key consideration is how the home will affect their pocketbook.  The third consideration is conservation.  All of these go hand in hand but it might not be clear at first how they all relate to each other.  Not everyone considers themselves to be “green” but they do care about their health and that of their family, they are concerned about costs to operate their home, and finally especially in Atlanta people are concerned about conservation of water.  Conservation saves money, energy efficiency saves money, good indoor air quality saves trips to the doctor’s office, therefore saving money.  Anyway, enough of that rant.  I did a little research to see how green homes have sold since August when we implemented the changes at FMLS adding green building certifications.  Certified homes include Energy Star, EarthCraft House & LEED for Homes.  I have included the graph below which shows that certified homes got almost 5% closer to asking price and were on the market for half the time of non-certified homes.  That’s a huge deal to the builder carrying the note on a new construction house.  Check out the graph below and I would love to know it if you have any questions.  This report includes single family homes built 2007 or later in Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb & Gwinnett counties priced above $300,000.


Certified Homes
Non-Certified Homes
# of homes sold
Average Sold Price
Average List/Sold Price
Average Days on Market
# of homes actively listed


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