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A Visit to Greenhaven, Atlanta’s Premiere Eco-Decorators Showhouse

July 21, 2009

DSC_0053Today Carol and I finally made it out to Greenhaven, a subdivision of Green homes in Marietta that are tracking LEED for Homes, EarthCraft House & NAHB Green Certifications.  The house we went into is an Eco-Decorators showhouse where each room is decorated by a different company.  Personally I am more into the house and how it’s built, but man this place is stunning.  Everything about the home is unique and obviously very personal to the decorator who created the space.  We got a personal tour by Richard Feis of Pace Homebuilders.  He is a very experienced homebuilder and has been incorporating green features into his homes for most of his career.  Here are a couple of the things that stood out to me:

The Floors
Upon walking into the home the first thing to hit you is the floors.  They are wide plank heart pine floors that came from where else?  The bottom of a river in Florida…  Trees that sunk to the bottom of the river maybe hundreds of years ago are cut and made into planks for floors and are beautiful.  They are treated with a water based solution that “impregnates” the wood as opposed to coating the wood.  This really keeps the floors in their natural state and looks amazing. 

The Insulation
One of the reasons I really enjoyed the tour today was because of Richard’s vast knowledge of the market and products that are commonly used, and not necessarily the big brand names.  One of my favorite things to see in a home is blown in foam insulation.  To me it has one of the biggest impacts on a home that money can buy.  At Greenhaven they used a product called Urethane Soy which is an open cell foam insulation that has a soy product in it which eliminates some other kind of chemical.  If you are not familiar with foam insulation, google it.  This can have a dramatic effect on your energy bills and the comfort of your home.  Imagine the interior of your attic being 80 degrees in the summer rather than 140 degrees.  I can assure you it will not only make your house more comfortable, but imagine what it can do for your HVAC system that is struggling to cool your house when the ducts are combatDSC_0051ting 140 degree temps as it moves from the system to your supply vent. 

The Roofing
The roof is made of  a composite shingle that you would never be able to tell wasn’t slate.  It’s called 
Certainteed Symphony Slate.  The tiles are made using infrared reflective (IR) pigments that are designed to maximize the durability of the tile and reduce cooling costs and energy.  The shingle is fully recycleable and looks amazing.



Rainwater Collection
A product that I am familiar with but have not seen too much in this market is the RainWaterPillow.  This amazingDSC_0046 product collects rainwater in what they call a pillow and kindof reminds me of the “blob” at Camp Rockmont.  It’s a large pillow like container that holds your rainwater and in this case it is reused for all of the landscaping needs.  One of the cool features of the rain water pillow is it can be stored in areas where you would not be able to put a cistern…like under your deck or in the crawl space.  Check it out at


I would also like to give a shout out to my friend Dwayne Bass of Two Vital who came if as the home was beingDSC_0050 completed and did what any artist would do…took some of the trash and made it into a treasure.  Here is a shot of some of his work. 





And my Favorite RoomDSC_0045









Greenhaven has a great information website as well as Pace Homebuilders website  The homes and all of the artwork inside are for sale.  Don’t hesitate to call for more information or heck, drive over there and visit the homes yourself.  The home tour runs through August 9th and more information can be found on their website.


Carson Matthews

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  1. July 30, 2010 3:23 pm

    Jennifer Spears of EcoChoice is very talented. We didn’t get a chance to see this home, as it already sold.. we may never now :0( Companies Going Green

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