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Perdue Signs Bill to Reduce Georgia’s Water Usage

June 2, 2010

On Tuesday the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that Governor Sonny Perdue signed legislation that will help reduce the amount of water the state of Georgia uses, and focuses on the water that we waste.  Effective immediately Georgians will not be able to water outdoors during the hours of 10am – 4pm, a time when most of the water evaporates anyway. We should be used to this by now as we are put under these restrictions each year as our rain levels decrease, but at a city level.

The article states “As of July 2012, it also will require all new buildings to include low-flow plumbing fixtures, while multi-tenant buildings will have to include “sub-metering” to allow each tenant’s water use to be measured.”  I’ve always thought this was a good idea and one that will help our city and state deal with the droughts that continue to plague the Southeast.  Below is a link to the entire article from the Business Chronicle.

Read more: Perdue signs bills on tax reform, water – Atlanta Business Chronicle
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