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Green Home Sales Reports

View Atlanta Green Home Sales Reports by clicking the link \"Atlanta Green Home Sales Reports\" above.

Atlanta Board of Realtors Green Council Tour of Serenbe

October 25, 2010

On Thursday October 28, the Atlanta Board of REALTORS Green Council is heading to Serenbe for a tour of the community and the Nest.  If you haven’t been to Serenbe before, this is a great opportunity to see a model for sustainable development just outside the City of Atlanta.  The Serenbe tag line is “the best reason to live here is the life here“.  You truly understand this when you are walking the streets of Serenbe and can feel the community thriving around you.  I mean it when I say you will want to pack your bags and move right away.  I first visited Serenbe in November of 2007 and here is a link to that blog post Serenbe, Serenbe, Serenbe

Here is some information on the tour:

– Start your morning with goodies and beverages at the Nest (a model home and energy efficiency lab monitored by Southface and the US Dept of Energy)

– Tour of Serenbe Farms

– Tour of Green Homes modular townhouses

– Walking tour with Steve Nygren, Serenbe founder

**Carpooling is encouraged and groups will be gathering at the Atlanta Board of REALTORS office at REALTOR5784 Lake Forrest Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328 at 9:15am for a 9:30 departure.

The tour will start at 10:30 in Serenbe at the Nest, located at 9226 Selborne Way Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268

You can register online at the ABR website Register Here

This event is free for ABR members and $10 for non-members

Update:  Here are some pictures from the Tour

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10 Ways to Market and Sell High Performance Homes

October 25, 2010

The Green Building Council of the Atlanta Home Builders Association welcomes Amber Stewart of ICF International to explain the top ways to market and sell high performance homes.

• Learn how you can differentiate your high performance homes from the conventional builder down the road

• Learn new ways to communicate the value of high performance homes to prospective home buyers and important stakeholders

• Learn important marketing strategies to notify prospective homeowners about your homes

• Learn how to ensure your sales professionals are at the top of their game and convey the real benefits of your high quality homes.

October 28, 2010 • 11:00 am
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center Atrium
84 Fifth Street N.W., Atlanta, GA 30308

Click Here for the Flyer and Full Registration Details

Check in: 11:00 a.m.

Program/Lunch/Elections: 12:00 p.m – 2:00 p.m.

Registration: Pre-registration is required for all attendees.

To register, visit our website at and select the program on October 28th.

Cost: $30 GBC Council Members
$40 Non GBC Council Members
$50 Non HBA Members
There is a $15 walk-in fee for all that do not pre-register

3rd Quarter 2010 Atlanta Green Home Sales Report

October 19, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd Quarter 2010 Atlanta Green Home Sales Report.

In the 3rd Quarter of 2010 certified green homes represented 6.5% of the total new construction market.  Green homes sold for 87% of asking price in 106 days compared to 89.7% of asking price for conventional new construction in 115 days on the market.

Here is a link to the 3rd Quarter 2010 Atlanta Green Home Sales Report.

This study looks at detached single family homes that were built 2007 or later and sold as “new construction”.  The Green Home Sales Report looks at homes listed between $250,000 and $2,000,000 in Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties.  The green homes have all been certified by a third party Green Building Certification including EarthCraft House, LEED for Homes, NAHB Green Building Standard and Energy Star.

Begrüntes Haus in Gießen

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Please leave your comments if you have any thoughts or questions about green home sales in Atlanta.

For historical reports, visit Atlanta Green Home Sales Reports.

The Eagles Headline the 2010 Piedmont Park Green Concert

October 6, 2010

The Meadow at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

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On Friday October 15th, The Piedmont Park Conservancy will put on the Green Concert in the park featuring The Eagles.  In past years the concert has featured bands including The Dave Matthews Band and The Allman Brothers Band in 2007, and Sir Paul McCartney in 2009.

The concert will be held in the restored 10th Street Meadow. Tickets for this year’s show start at only $55.

The VIP experience begins at $250 and includes:

  • Front of stage viewing
  • Private hospitality tent with complimentary food, beer and wine
  • VIP comfort stations
  • Private VIP entrance

Tickets are available for purchase at  Ticketmaster and you can view all of the details on the Piedmont Park Conservancy website

Here is the video announcing the Eagles at Piedmont Park

Sign up for the Piedmont Park Conservancy eNews to receive Green Concert updates. Guests are encouraged to use MARTA, walk or bicycle to the event. There is limited parking and the streets surrounding the Park will be closed to non-residents. Gates open at 5pm. This environmentally themed concert will continue to raise funds to maintain historic Piedmont Park and the new 53-acre expansion, while promoting environmental sustainability.

On the Eagles website they are showing some shows being rescheduled due to Don Henley being sick, so be sure and check back with the Conservancy or the Eagles Website,  I would think all would be back in order by the 15th, so it should not be a problem.

Here is the story I wrote about the first Green Concert in 2007  Dave Matthews in Piedmont Park

Atlanta Falcon Ovie Mughelli Speaks Out Against Coal Ash

September 30, 2010

Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli is partnering with the Sierra Club to speak out against coal ash and it’s effects on young children.  Ovie has been recognized as a “green” athlete for some time and was recently featured on the top 100 list of Eco-Athletes and ranked #2.  His foundation, the Ovie Mughelli Foundation works to “spread the message of environmental education and stewardship to the youth of our nation” Check out his video bel0w.  More information can be seen on the Sierra Club Website.

Greater Atlanta Home Builder President Discusses Atlanta Green Home Sales

September 12, 2010

Today the Atlanta Real Estate Forum featured a story about green home sales trends in Atlanta and included this video below.  The video is an interview of Greater Atlanta Home Builders President Les Stumpff.  His analysis of the green building market references my green home sales report and the successes we are seeing here in Atlanta with Green home sales.  Here is the video and the full article is below.  You can also view it on Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

For some time we’ve heard about the benefits of green building and purchasing a green home, but are green homes really better than conventionally constructed houses? Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association president Les Stumpff educates homeowners on the benefits of purchasing a green home. With more than 23 years experience in the homebuilding industry, Stumpff believes that green building is no longer just a trend, it’s here to stay.

Green houses are a better investment for buyers. According to MLS data collected since 2008 by Atlanta’s leading Eco-Broker, Carson Mathews, a certified green constructed home sells for 97 percent of its list price on average versus a conventional home that sells for an average of 92 percent of its list price.

According to Stumpff, some of the benefits to owning a green home are reduced energy bills, increased conservation through lower energy usage, increased indoor air quality and protection from extreme temperatures providing residents with increased comfort.

With all of the benefits provided by green homes, they truly are a better investment.

Click for more Atlanta new homes news.

Video by Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV.

Click for more Atlanta Real Estate videos.

Georgia losing out on renewable energy – Atlanta Business Chronicle

September 2, 2010

An excellent post from the Atlanta Business Chronicle Blog “RealTalk” about the State of Georgia’s current energy laws and how you can help make a change.

In an economy with record unemployment, Georgia has turned down billions of dollars in federal grants intended to stimulate investment in renewable energy in the past 12 months. Georgia continues to lag behind other states (and the world) when it comes to renewable energy.

It was recently reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( ) that “Georgia Power is doubling the amount of solar energy it will buy from independent producers.” Unfortunately, doubling a ludicrously low number is more an exercise in green-washing than any real progress. Especially given glaring facts such as the fact that there is literally 10 times more solar energy installed in DeSoto County Florida (25 Megawatts) than the entire state of Georgia).

While Reznick Group and numerous other companies and professional organizations like the Georgia Solar Energy Association continue to applaud this change in stance by the nation’s most obstinate power company, such changes in heart are unfortunately essentially cosmetic. The new stance by the power company is truly only modestly helpful news for real estate, and then only on the very small scale as compared to other southern states. The latest change in corporate policy by the public utility is unfortunately very, very limited (by design) and does not, indeed cannot, apply to the required larger commercial and utility scale solar projects that big-box companies are preferring to do in other states like North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and other southern states. So Georgia is still at the back of the line in relative comparison.

Yet Georgia’s economy cannot afford to lose out on large commercial and utility scale solar and biomass projects, which continue to select other southeastern states for their base of operations. Why? It’s because Georgia state law does not support the renewable energy electrical sales industry and instead supports fossil and nuclear fuels. Georgia only dabbles in biomass and landfill gas to serve the purposes of corporate marketing. Hyrdo power is maxed out.

So, as long as Georgia state law continues to make the sale of renewable energy illegal between non-utilities, and as long as we allow the Georgia Territorial Electrical Services Act to be interpreted as making the sale of renewable electricity illegal in Georgia, then we and Georgia are losers.

To date, and largely because such sales of electricity are alleged to be illegal, of the over five billion dollars in federal renewable energy grants made by the U.S. Treasury, only a paltry $600,000+ has found its way to Georgia.

It is therefore absolutely clear that Georgia’s laws on renewable energy are directly harming both the statewide economy and capital investment in Georgia.

This is specifically because such laws directly prevent large scale real estate from purchasing commercial scale solar energy from solar energy companies, the operating costs of real estate in Georgia are in many cases being inflated and subjected to ever increasing electrical rates. The use of solar power is a near ideal way for real estate owners to fix their price of electricity for decades at a time. Yet in Georgia, this is not happening largely because of the protection given public utilities by the state: a protection that 90 percent of the other U.S. States refuse to grant. All when solar power is declining in price more rapidly than ever before and when federal tax credits and grant will cover at least 40 percent of your solar capital costs.

Clearly, this must change in the next legislative session. But the power lobby is strong. They have so far mis-educated Georgia’s elected officials to believe that we don’t have enough sun in Georgia to run a solar power. But the truth is that renewable energy works. Georgia Power now says so publicly. Finally. And the Georgia Public Services Commission Chairman also says so publicly. So it’s time for us to re-educate our elected officials with the truth.

While Georgia Power’s recent news moved the needle in the right direction, we are still forced to look forward to the day when Georgia’s energy policy allows this state to do commercial and utility-scale solar projects equal in size to the ones currently being done in neighboring states and in other regions of the United States.

So, as you talk with the candidates for Governor, and your other elected officials during this election time, make sure you tell each of them that you expect them to clarify the language in the Georgia Territorial Electrical Services an make it clear that the state of Georgia encourages the sale of renewable electricity, by private contract, between a buyer and a seller, neither of which is required to be a public utility, municipal utility or EMC. Making that one small change will open up a flood of capital investment for the state, improve opportunities for the real estate sector, improve cash flows and operating savings, and take Georgia into the 21st century, rather than the 20th, which is where we are stuck now. While you are at it, ask your elected officials to also boost the system size restrictions in the Georgia Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Act of 2001. If we tweak those two state laws, our world, and our state economy, will show signs of immediate improvement, in the form of increased capital investment, lower utility costs, reduced water usage and less air and water pollution.

There is really no reason not to. Unless of course, you prefer to live in the past and let the world slip by.

Wes Hudson is co-managing principal of Reznick Group’s Atlanta office.

Read more: Georgia losing out on renewable energy – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Georgia losing out on renewable energy – Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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